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Police Officer Salaries
  Hourly Pay Period* Annually
Police Recruit (21 weeks of Training) $18.62 $1489.68 $38,731.68
Police Officer II-P (One Year Probation) $19.92 $1593.96 $41,442.96
Police Officer      
1-2 years $22.15 $1,772.07 $46,073.82
2-3 years $23.82 $1,905.77 $49,550.02
3+ years $26.27 $2,101.73 $54,644.98
*Monthly salary based on 26 pay periods per year.
Police Officer-Lateral Salaries
  Hourly Pay Period* Annually
12 Weeks of Training + 1 Year $22.15 $1,772.07 $46,073.82
2-3 Years $23.82 $1,905.77 $49,550.02
3 Years + $26.27 $2,101.73 $54,644.98
*26 pay periods per year.


Health Insurance

On the date you are hired, you will become eligible for one of the City of Memphis’ major medical insurance programs.

Life Insurance

Once you are hired you may enroll in the City of Memphis Life Insurance Plan or the Memphis Police Association Life Insurance Plan.


You may retire after 25 years of service with the Memphis Police Department.


Once you are hired you are enrolled in the City of Memphis pension plan.

Paid Leave


Years of Service Days of Vacation
0-5 10
6 11
7 12
8 13
9 14
10 15
11 16
12 17
13 18
14 19
15-16 20
17-18 21
19-20 22
21-22 23
23-24 24
25+ 25


Thirteen days of Holiday Pay is granted for all police officers each year.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is accrued monthly from your date of hire.

Military Leave/Benefits

Officers are allowed 20 working days per year for their military obligation.

MPD has been approved by the State of Tennessee and the VA to offer on-the-job training education benefits for all military personnel.

Other Leave

Officers may receive other leave such as death in the family leave and family medical leave when approved circumstances exist.

Police Special Pay

Educational Incentive Pay

Additional pay can be earned by completing college level courses beyond the minimum 54 semester hours. Officers will earn an extra 5% for 85 (eighty-five)-semester hours and 7.5% for a 4 year degree.

Shift Differential Pay

The city will pay, to all employees who work a non-rotating fixed shift, a shift premium for all time worked during the second and third shifts.

  2nd Shift per month 3rd Shift per month
Police Office II (probation) $19.62 $39.24
Police Offer II $22.70 $45.40
Sergeant $25.00 $50.00

After an employee has worked six (6) consecutive months on either the second or third shift or combination thereof, and continues to be assigned to either a second or third shift, the shift differential rates will be:

  2nd Shift per month 3rd Shift per month
Police Office II (probation) $29.44 $58.86
Police Offer II $34.05 $68.10
Sergeant $37.50 $75.00

Service Incentive Pay

All officers will earn incentive pay after 5 years of service.

Military “Kicker Program”

The Memphis Police Department is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs as an official on-the-job training program site where individuals who have been hired as police recruits and are eligible for educational benefits from the VA, such as the Montgomery G.I. Bill, can use their benefits for the time frame that they attend the Memphis Police Academy as well as the 12-month probationary period that they are on probation after graduation.

Officer Dale Jones with the M.P.D. Training Academy serves as the VA Coordinator and is responsible for the submission of all paperwork, and serves as the primary liaison between the MPD, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

"Kicker Program" Benefits
  Extra Salary per month*
1st six months $825.75
2nd six months $605.55
Five Remaining months $385.35
* The maximum benefit can go up to $10,514.55 total. The “kicker program” is a total contribution used of $600.00 and can go up to $150.00 per month extra. Reservists are also eligible for this benefit.

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